Our Services


Entering New Markets:

Our Export Service is dedicated to supporting industries, regardless of their field, on their journey to exporting their products to any country worldwide. By working hand in hand with you, we will exert every effort to bring this ambition to fruition.

We comprehend the unique challenges and requirements associated with exporting, such as customs regulations, international standards, linguistic and cultural barriers, as well as destination market specifics. Tradix International is here to guide you at every step of the process, offering profound expertise to overcome these obstacles.

We believe in establishing strong and enduring partnerships with both our partners and clients, working closely to grasp their specific needs and provide tailored solutions. Our commitment to your success is our foremost priority, and we will strive to furnish you with a superior, dependable, and transparent export service.


The Benchmark for Excellent Sourcing:

We position ourselves as specialists in importation for small and medium-sized industries. Our expertise lies in our ability to source the finest machinery and highest quality raw materials at the most competitive prices, facilitated by our robust network of international partners.

Sourcing Raw Materials:

We possess an exceptional capability to source the highest quality raw materials at the most favorable prices. Our commitment revolves around ensuring that each material aligns with your most stringent standards. Leveraging our extensive network and over 13 years of experience, we are adept at negotiating competitive rates, providing you with the most advantageous market prices.

Our approach is characterized by meticulous attention to every detail. Prior to delivery to our clients, raw materials undergo rigorous scrutiny and verification processes.

Sourcing the Finest Machinery:

Tradix International specializes in locating the optimal machinery for every industry, providing superior performance at competitive prices. Prior to delivery to our clients, each machine undergoes a meticulous inspection to ensure its quality and optimal functionality.


An Exceptional Brand Image

We fully comprehend the significance of a strong brand image and effective messaging in captivating your target audience and setting you apart from competitors.

Whether you seek to craft a compelling brand identity, invigorate your existing brand image, or fortify your marketing strategy, we stand ready to guide you throughout the entire process.

We possess the expertise and skills required to shepherd any industry, from A to Z, through the transformation into a robust and recognizable brand.


Invest in Algeria:

We are committed to bringing together the opportunities of Asia, Africa, and Europe. Our main goal is to encourage local investments in Algeria mainly while also contributing to the growth of global markets. Operating as a pathway to link entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their industries activities abroad, going from the Manufacturing Industry which is a key driver of economic growth to renewable energies, technology, safety and storage, smart agriculture, and smart education.